Cargo Security Escorts for Trucks

Cargo Security Escorts provides active and  retired Law Enforcement Officers to provide cargo security escorts for freight forwarders, logistics, trucking companies and alike.  We can provide a single driver or a team to operate our company vehicles and follow your trucks and trailers to ensure your products arrive at their destination unhindered. Cargo Security Escorts law enforcement personnel have varied backgrounds including, undercover operations, giving them the ability to blend in all types of communities, as well as investigations, and detectives backgrounds. With cargo theft rising, which affect your insurance cost, having a low cost option of having your cargo escorted visibly or discretely provide undeniable benefits.

  1. You keep the your vehicle operators on their toes, avoiding unscheduled stops and other risky behavior, knowing that they have or may have (if discreetly followed) company security hired by the carrier observing the drivers habits and skills.

  2. If the driver has an emergency, whether medical or a bathroom break, our escorts can keep an eye on the unattended load.

  3. A visible security escort will make most criminals, seek an easier target.

  4. Even loads without visible escorts will cause criminals to think twice, not knowing if the load is being watched from afar.

  5. If a load is targeted or compromised, our active or retired law enforcement officers will contact local law enforcement immediately. Our Officers understand what type of information local law enforcement would require and would be the best witness to assist your company in recovering your property. Many of our officers worked in a unit, designed to investigate truck burglaries & larcenies (Major Case Squad). Therefore they know exactly what vulnerabilities criminals are seeking when they target a truck.

  6. Vehicle tracking devices are available for your vehicles

Note: Our security personnel will adhere to all security procedures & protocol initiated by the carrier and maintain communication with company dispatch during deliveries to ensure all updated instructions are received and acted upon. Tracking devices are optional and can be remotely monitored by both you as a client or any designated member of your staff.

We can also provide live video, allowing our clients to view our drivers LIVE as they follow the truck, or we can record only for later review by the client.

This same technology can be used by clients who may have received complaints about how their drivers are operating their vehicle. Giving the client proof that a driver is operating a company vehicle unsafely.

Credentials, qualifications & varied backgrounds 

Our security personnel have the following:


NYPD, FBI, NYS State Troopers, NYPD Intel unit, Major Case Squad unit, which specialize in investigating burglaries & larcenies of trucks, and former military members.

Credentials & Qualifications

  • Hazardous Material Endorsement Threat Assessment Program – HTAP
  • CDL drivers license with HazMat endorsement
  • CDL drivers license with Bus endorsement

  • Department of Defense clearance – confidential / secret / top secret
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential – TWIC
  • Multilingual personnel – 15 plus languages


U.S. Cargo Theft By Product Type

These vary Quarter to Quarter, however trailers are routinely targeted by criminal gangs for the following products:

Food / Drinks 19%
Electronics 18%
Building / Industrial 11%
Home / Garden 9%
Miscellaneous 8%
Personal Care 8%
Metals 7%
Auto / Parts 6%
Clothing / Shoes 6%
Alcohol / Tobacco 4%
Pharmaceuticals 1.3%

Family of Companies

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